Blue Connection is the ideal partner in your International Business development.


We support you and we adapt perfectly to your needs, whether you are a start-up, an SME, a large group or a support entity (NGO, cluster, economic development department, etc.).

Through our actions, we promote networking and partnerships between the various players in the maritime economy.  We guarantee you the entry into a "blue connection" and will open for you the doors of the international market.

The actions and mission of Blue Connection fit perfectly into the strategy of cooperation initiated by the PACA region for 3 years towards California and especially San Diego, considered as a territory of excellence in blue technologies.



Passionate, listening to your needs and available to meet you!


The Blue Tech Alliance 


Blue Tech and International

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Business intelligence

Market Study : We carry out market studies for your Business. We provide targeted market intelligence analysis to help you make strategic decision to capture innovative opportunities in the blue economy.

An international business plan that includes a strategy for entering or expanding into targeted markets is critical to your success in the global marketplace. Blue Connection provides you with resources to help you develop or improve your international business plan through competition mapping, positioning, and market study.

Industry watch : We carry out a watch adapted to your needs and corresponding to your criteria of development: technological watch, sector watch, legal watch, competitive Watch.


Business Representative :  We prospect and represent you on the UE market and do the promotion of your product. We visit on your behalf to assess the potential of the selected companies directly, and introduce your company and technology.

We can also coordinate a sales representative network.

Business Contributor: We connect you with partners in your target country: business partners, distributors, customers in France and Europe.

Blue Connection helps you to find prospective clients or partners through its robust network built directly on the market with leading players. We will find the most suitable partners for you with the goal to generate sustainable business growth.


Trade mission : We can organize trade mission abroad: logistic organization (accommodation and transportation), attendance to trade show or event of your sector.

We can organize complete travel programs to visit local companies through a company tour, Preparing and supporting your commercial and technical visits in the region through B2B meeting.

Attendance to European Trade Shows : We can help you in selecting trade shows, and attending through organization support or simple presentation. Blue Connection can visit trade shows on your behalf. We promote your product and services,  find potential partners, keep good relationship with your international customer and give you visibility and information about new technologies and evolution of the market.