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Blue Growth Consulting Company



Blue Connection is led by Marilou SUC, specialized in International Business Development, Digital Marketing and Strategic Information / Innovation Management in the Blue Economy sector.

Trained with key innovative Blue Tech actors in Europe and in the USA, she brings her experiences, her expertises and her international blue tech network for the benefit of innovative actors.

Marilou’s experience and passion for new business development and Blue technologies makes her the perfect partner for your Blue Growth Strategy. 

She is always curious and interested in new innovations and new opportunities in the Blue Tech sector.

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Blue connection

Blue Connection is committed to the emergence of innovations FOR and BY the Ocean, by connecting Blue Economy's actors and supporting the development and promotion of blue technologies and activities.


Blue Connection animates the maritime community through Ocean Knowledge's transfer and Ocean Litteracy : “Knowing and understanding the ocean’s influence on us, and our influence on the ocean is crucial to living and acting sustainably.”

Blue Connection actively participates in the achievement of the #14 and #13 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and offers unique services to support innovative organizations towards a blue growth.
Blue Connection is the ideal partner in developing and promoting your  Blue activities and technologies at the international level thanks to : 

-    International Business Development Experience
-    Marketing  and Innovation Management  Expertise 
-    Global Network


We assure you the access to our "blue connections" at a global level.

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As a leading consultancy firm specializing in the blue economy, Blue Connection help organizations explore and access new markets in the blue economy, promote blue technologies and activities, and manage innovation and strategic information for impactful Blue Projects.


Blue Connection commits to global projects using disruptive innovation in sustainable sectors of the Blue Economy.

Fisheries & Aquaculture

Port and Vessel

of the Future

Marine Energy

icone SDG 13 - changement climatique

Climate Change

Blue Biotechnologies 

Coastal Activities

Environmental Surveillance



University of the sea

The prefeasibility study for the Sea University project involved:

- Mapping maritime actors and sectors,

- Creating a transdisciplinary ecosystem to foster collaborative innovation,

- And developing a prospective report with recommendations for various development scenarios.

logo du projet université de la mer porté par Aix marseille Université


Our clients include major industrial players, innovative SMEs, start-ups and institutional in the Blue Economy. 

Maryline CRIVELLO - Vice-President of the board of Director,

Head of the Interdisciplinarity Mission at Aix-Marseille University

During this year of collaboration, Marilou Suc's skills were highly valued by the project team and praised by both internal and external actors and partners encountered by the service provider. This includes her human qualities, ability to synthesize, oral presentation skills, writing abilities, collaborative work mode with a diversity of stakeholders, and her proactive approach.


Marilou Suc adeptly adapted her working methods, communication, and deliverables to meet evolving demands amidst strategic challenges and political decisions within a complex ecosystem. She made relevant proposals at each stage to maximize the added value of her work, co-producing with AMU a study that serves as a solid and mobilizable foundation for project development.


For all these reasons, we are pleased to have chosen Marilou Suc, who has made a significant contribution through this study to the development of a major project for Aix-Marseille University and its territory. We therefore recommend this provider, with whom we have worked with confidence and pleasure.

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