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do you WANT to expand your business in the blue economy ?


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➡️ I will help you identify high potential markets in the maritime sector. 
➡️ I will provide you a customized strategy for success in the blue economy.
➡️ I will help you navigate the unique challenges of the blue eocnomy and position your business for long-term success.
I help several actors of the blue economy expand into new markets, identify opportunities, and develop strategies for success on the international stage:
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I take you along!

You are a company in the blue economy sector (startup, SME, big company, institutional), and you want to launch a new service / product offer?


You are an innovative player in a related field (Space, Health, Industry, IoT, IA...) and you want to take part in the Blue Revolution ? You want to explore and develop new application in the maritime sector ?

You are in charge of the business development of your company but you need support to reach your target markets ? 


Your business is doing well so far on the local market, but that is not enough to develop and you want to try the export experience to accelerate your growth? You have already responded opportunistically to requests from export customers but now you want to approach international markets in a more strategic way with a long term strategy? 


Many business in the maritime industries struggle to identify and access new markets within the blue economy. This can be due to a lack of industry knowledge and expertise, limited resources for market research, or difficulty competing in a crowded and rapidly evolving market.


Not sure which market (country/sector) to target first?  


Not sure if the target market is attractive enough for your company's offer? 


You don't know what is the the most suitable strategy for your company to penetrate this market? 


You don't know which levers to activate (contacts, partners, distributors) to trigger the first business opportunities?

My service offer can help your organization overcome these challenges by providing expert guidance and support in identifying and accessing new market within the blue economy. 

As a Blue Growth Consultant, I can help you answer these questions. I have the knowledge and experience needed to stay ahead of the latest trends and development in the marine and maritime industries.

I use my expertise to conduct comprehensive market research and provide strategic planning service that are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

This can help your organization identify new markets, business opportunities and portential partnerships, as well as develop a comprehensive plan for growth and success in the blue economy. 



  • Gaining access to these new markets

  • Increasing your turnover

  • Accessing new customers

  • Affirming your leadership position internationally

  • Gaining market share

  • Strengthening your position towards the competition

  • Securing your revenue streams by spreading them across multiple markets

  • Attracting new investors

  • Affirming your branding internationally


Free up time to focus on your core business, I take care of:

-Facilitating your decision-making by providing you with qualitative information (studies &  strategies), expert advices and sharing of experiences on your target markets.

-Representing your interests and your value proposition (products/services) to customers and partners through concrete actions in the field.

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Market prioritization

Market study


Marketing Strategy (Product Market Fit)

"Go to market" Strategy



Lead Generation & Business Meeting

Support to Business development 


I help you build your New Market development strategy and offer support and services tailored to your business and your specific needs:  

Prioritization analysis of your new markets 

I offer a comprehensive service that helps your organization pre-validate your target markets by classifying and prioritizing markets to be explored in the short and medium term, in order to optimize development and investment strategies.


This approach allows organizations to avoid diving "blindly" into randomly chosen markets and limits the risk of ill-prepared projects that could waste time and money.

In this preliminary study:

I collect information on the various potential markets identified (countries/sectors) and based on objective (macroeconomic) and specific criteria (defined with your organization according to your project and strategy).

I compare the different markets to highlight the one that has the most potential for achieving your objectives.


  • Proactive approach and step-by-step validation

  • Concentration on markets with the greatest potential, identified as TOP 3

Priorisation marché

Market study

I offer a comprehensive service that helps your organization assess the potential of your target market by providing a thorough analysis of the market environment, trends and competitive landscape.


Market analysis is a crucial decision-making tool that your organization can rely on to develop your development strategy and implementation of action plans.

I conduct market analysis using a transparent research methodology built on blue economy sector data, knowledge, and experience.


My analysis includes:

  • Macro-economic environment of the target market (PESTEL)

  • Existing and potential market (SWOT)

  • Supply and demand, including a state of competition and customer expectations

  • Key market players

  • Ecosystem dynamics and trends

Overall, my market study services are designed to provide your organization with a comprehensive understanding of your target market, including market potential, trends and competitive landscape, to support informed business decisions.


  • A clear understanding of the market potential, including market sizing

  • Insights to make informed go/no-go decisions

Etude de maché

Marketing strategy

I offer a comprehensive service that helps your organization develop a marketing plan that is tailored to the specific characteristics of your target market.


After conducting in-depth research on the target market, I assist your organization in identifying the strategic angle to approach the market and offer relevant value to customers.

My services include:

  • Segmentation - Targeting - Positioning to identify the most promising segments of the market and develop a strategy to reach them.

  • Creation and optimization of the product/service offer, aligning it with the expectations and characteristics of the target market. This includes achieving product market fit (PMF) to ensure that the offer is well-suited to the target market.

Overall, my marketing strategy services are designed to help your organization develop a tailored marketing plan that is aligned with the characteristics of your target market, achieve product market fit and differentiate yoursef from the competition, by providing a strategic positioning and a winning offer.


  • Validation of the product market fit (PMF)

  • Strategic positioning that differentiates you from the competition

  • Construction of a winning offer that meets the needs and expectations of your target market

Stratégie Marketing

Go to Market : The market entry strategy

I offer a comprehensive service that helps your organization successfully introduce your product or service to your target market by choosing the most effective market entry strategy.


I support your organization at every stage of the process, from the strategic vision to the resulting operational action plan, to help you build a successful go-to-market strategy.

Some of the services I offer include:

  • Price adaptation to meet the needs of the target market.

  • Adaptation of your product/services to market constraints.

  • Choice of distribution channels, whether it's through direct access or through established partners.

  • Marketing Campaign based on "the customer journey" AARRR Funnel.

Overall, my go-to-market strategy services are designed to help your organization effectively and efficiently introduce your product or service to the target market by choosing the right strategy, adapting to the market constraints and launching effectively.


  • Quickly and efficiently offering your service/product to your target market.

  • Guaranteeing the effective and successfull launch of it.

Pénétration de marché

Support for prospecting activities

I offer a comprehensive service that allows your organization to validate the interest of your solution with potential customers and partners on the ground and trigger the first business opportunities.


This service helps your organization to reduce the risk of mismatch between market research and the reality on the ground, by providing a direct link to the target market.

  • Prospecting List:

I identify key contacts (decision-makers and prescribers) within your target organizations, providing a list of qualified leads that you can activate to trigger your first business opportunities.

  • Organization of Business meetings/prospection mission:

I take care of getting in touch and organizing appointments with your targets in the target market. I leverage my Blue Connection network to open the doors to these qualified prospects.

Overall, my prospection services are designed to help organizations access the right market, meet the right prospects and trigger new business opportunities, by providing a direct link to the target market and leveraging my expertise and network of contacts.


  • Time saving by leveraging my expertise and network to identify and access the right prospects

  • Improved conversion rate by connecting you with qualified leads that are more likely to convert into business opportunities


Support for business development activities

Now that you find your market and that your prospect demonstrate interest in your solution, you want to initiate the first business and/or partnership activities.

  • I provide support for business meetings, leveraging my global vision of the market and knowledge of the environment and the business context of your interlocutor. This includes following up with a meeting report and initiating the next steps.

  • I represent your organization at events in your sector of activity, such as trade fairs, conferences, and business meetings. This includes meeting with existing partners and customers to maintain relationships and promote loyalty, as well as contacting potential prospects to present your solution and develop new business opportunities.

  • I also assist in the realization of first activities on new market:

    • Setting up a PoC or demonstrator

    • Searching for partners (R&D, Business)

    • Securing first contracts (sales representative)

    • Joining a consortium (European Project)

Overall, my business development services are designed to help organizations take the next steps in developing their business and expanding into new markets, by providing valuable support and guidance to help you succeed


  • Trigger "quick win"

Développemet commercial


Benefit from the expertise of a Blue Economy specialist

new market explorer

Enjoy the field experience in the opening of new markets and international business development


Access to a network of partners in the BlueTech sector at the international level

Why use the services of Blue Connection for your exploration and business development projects on Blue Economy markets? 

🌊  Blue Economy specialist:

As a blue economy consultant, I have a deep understanding of  key issues and trends in the maritime sector: Port and Vessel of the future, marine environment, Blue Biotechnologies, Coastal protection and valorization,  fishing and aquaculture, climate change (NBS), maritime surveillance and security, marine renewable energy, etc.

With my comprehensive understanding of the blue economy, I am well-positioned to help your organization navigate the complexities of this rapidly-growing sector.

I will bring you the essential insights you need to access these blue economy markets.

My cross-disciplinary knowledge allows me to see the 'big picture' of the maritime economy and make relevant and strategic connections between these different sectors for a sustainable and innovative approach.

My holistic view of the blue economy enables me to think "out of the box" and develop new uses and applications for this historic and innovative sector.

My experience working with international maritime clusters and networks gives me the ability to identify new opportunities and build strategic partnerships for your business.


🌍 International Business Development Specialist:

I graduated from Sciences Po Aix with a specialization in International Business Affairs and Strategic Information Management. 

In my career, I have studied in particular the interest of business groups in exporting in the maritime sector:"The squadron navigation"

I have collaborated with many international support structures (Business France, Team France Export, BPI, CCI International, Cluster, Associations, etc.).

I know the different international development mechanisms and will guide you to activate export financing levers.

I personally opened new export markets as an International Volunteer in Business (VIE), Startup Co-founder and Director of Marketing and International Business Development.

I asked myself the same questions as you, and I know the requirements and stages of an export strategy.

I help you benefit from my experience to secure your export project and maximize your chances of success.

I deployed my talents as a Business Developer in several countries: North America (USA/CANADA), Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, etc.), French Polynesia, South America (Chile), South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia), Africa (Morocco).

I therefore confronted the "business culture" of these countries and could thus provide you with the keys to a successful business relationship.

For others, I rely on a network of local partners who are experts in their field with whom I work in confidence.

The little extra touch? 

I am dedicated to understanding your unique needs and goals, and developing a strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements.

My customer-centric approach ensures that I am always working towards your satisfaction, and my commitment to providing high-quality services at every stage of your project guarantees that you will receive the best possible outcome.

With my expertise, knowledge and professional work methodologies, I am confident that I can help you reach your goals and drive success for your business.

Portrait de Marilou SUC, dirigeant de Blue connection
Want to know more about my experiences in this area?

Do not hesitate to read the testimonials of other structures that have benefited from my support
or contact me directly to discuss.


Angelo ZACCARI - Chief Marketing and Sales Officer @Wsense

WSense is a deep-tech company created as spin-off of Rome’s Sapienza University and specialized in underwater communication systems.

WSense solutions enable real-time monitoring of underwater environments (e.g., water quality, underwater noises, environmental monitoring etc), which provide mission-critical information for customers operating in all sectors of the Blue Economy with a growing  experience in the Aquaculture.

Within this mission we have engaged and are working with Blue Connection (Marilou SUC), as our Advisor for the development of our solutions in the aquaculture business in the Mediterranean areas.

The effort has been successfully extended to the organization and support of business meeting with key Players of our target Market.

We have, in particular, appreciated very much Marilou's contribution in terms of experience, reputation, analytic approach combined to effective communication and an entrepreneurial approach which have and are making concrete and viables the opportunities and the projects proposed leading to a  successful outcome.  

So, let's work together on your project? 

Jellyfish Aquarium

Discover my service offer:


"Enhance innovation and collaboration in the maritime sector"

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