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JOIN THE WAVE OF BLUE innovators !

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➡️ I provide you with insights and analysis to help your organization make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in the blue economy.

➡️ I support the blue ecosystem, helping drive innovation through collaboration and strategic information management for positive impactful blue projects.

I support several actors of the blue economy in the conduct of their innovative projects:

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drive innovation and accelerate blue growth 

take you along!

Are you an organization operating in the blue economy, and you want to stay at the forefront of current issues, anticipate and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow?

Are you responsible for an industry / cluster in the maritime sector and you want to animate and federate your ecosystem to promote innovation and the emergence of collaborative projects? 

Are you the leader of a growing company and do you want to benefit from a advisory boost to enrich your strategic vision and make the most of the opportunities in this booming sector ? 

Are you a project leader/startup creator and you need the help of a mentor to initiate the first phases of your project in the blue economy ? 



Many organizations in the blue economy may struggle with driving innovation and growth, due to a lack of clear strategy and direction, limited access to information and resources, or difficulties in fostering collaboration and a culture of innovation.

This can lead to missed opportunities for growth and competitiveness in this expansive market.


You have your nose to the grindstone, and you have to widen your scope to make strategic decision? 

You don't know how to enhance collaboration and open innovation within your ecosystem ?

You don't know what are the mid and long term impacts of new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT) on your sector of activity and the impact on the structure of the industry.

You are aware that strategic watch is a powerful tool for identifying business oportunities, but you do not know how to implement it within your organization : where to look for, what types of information, etc.

My service offer can help your organization by answering these questions and providing expert support and guidance in strategic information management and collaboration.


My services include business intelligence, strategic watch, prospective study, open innovation, innovative project management, animation of innovative ecosystem and strategic advisor/mentor services.

Through my business intelligence, strategic watch and prospective study services, I help your organization stay ahead of industry trends and developments, which allows you to make informed strategic decisions that drive innovation and growth.


My open innovation and ecosystem animation services help your organization tap into new sources of innovation, and support for the implementation of strategies and processes that foster collaboration and creativity.


My innovative project management  and consultancy as board strategic advisor / mentor, provide guidance and support for successful implementation of innovative projects.



  • Enhancing your strategic thinking and decision making

  • Having access to key market information

  • Anticipating the changes to come in your sector of activity

  • Making the right decisions at the right time

  • Gaining market share

  • Strenghtening your position vis-à-vis competition.

Free up time to focus on your core business, I take care of:

- Facilitate your decision-making by providing you with strategic information, sound advice and insight into current and future dynamics in your field of activity.


- Support the emergence and conduct of innovative projects through open innovation, collaboration and ecosystem animation approaches.

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Anticipate and enhance disruptive innovation


Board Advisor - Startup Mentor


Creation and animation of  ecosystems

Ocean Knowledge Valorization


I help you create and accelerate your innovative projects through collaboration and the management of strategic information: 

disruptive innovaton

Disrupt the blue economy

As a consultant specializing in disruptive innovations management, I offer a comprehensive service for your organization, designed to help you anticipate market changes, foster disruptive innovations, and maintain your competitiveness.

I accompany you in implementing forward-looking strategies, based on stragetic watch and an agile organizational structure, to confront market disruptions and leverage these changes to stay competitive, whether you are an established market player or a newcomer.

My services include:

  • Watch and Foresight: Through active strategic watch and prospective analyses, I assist you in identifying emerging trends and anticipating disruptive innovations that could impact your market.

  • Managing the "Innovator's Dilemma": I accompany you in establishing an agile organizational structure, capable of managing "the innovator's dilemma" as described by Clayton Christensen. This involves finding a balance between leveraging existing technologies (incremental innovation) and exploring potentially disruptive new technologies with their associated risks.

  • Disruptive Strategy: I support you in implementing a strategy to leverage disruptive innovations, identifying opportunities (Blue Ocean) to invest in new technologies and setting up an appropriate organizational structure to exploit them.

Whether you are an established market player or a newcomer, leveraging disruptive innovations can be a key competitiveness factor.


  • Anticipation of market changes

  • Ability to leverage disruptive innovations

  • Maintaining competitiveness in a constantly evolving environment.


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Strategic Advisory & Innovative Project Management

Drawing inspiration from the added value of a consultative council and my passion for innovative projects, I offer a comprehensive strategic advisory service for innovative projects. As an independent external consultant, I combine my understanding of maritime ecosystems and my expertise in managing innovative projects to bring a unique perspective to your organization.


My collaborative approach combines the necessary reflection and overview on key issues of your company's governance, while actively supporting you in the development and implementation of your innovative projects.

My services include:

  • Strategic Advice: I offer long-term guidance focused on exploring new strategic directions, evaluating market dynamics and competitive positions, and growing your business.

  • Innovative Project Management: I also serve as a mentor to project leaders in startup accelerators or incubators. My mission is to guide you from the creation of your project to its acceleration, using "lean startup" methods and helping you identify your Most Valuable Product (MVP), create your Proof of Concept (PoC), and build an innovative Business Model.

  • Sourcing and Partnership: Benefit from my Blue Connection network for the sourcing of blue technologies and partner search. I assist you in building your project step by step and in articulating the various axes and partners of the project.

I am committed to helping you navigate the complex and ever-evolving ecosystem of the blue economy, providing you with valuable advice to support your growth and success.

Unlike a one-off mandate for a specific mission and over a given period, my advisory services are more global and long-term.


  • Expanding the range of opportunities available to you

  • Breaking the isolation of leadership

  • Access to complementary expertise

  • Efficiency and time saving

  • A long-term strategic vision

  • Support in managing and developing your innovative projects.


Conseil stratégique
Animation ecosysteme

Animation of innovative ecosystems

As an experienced consultant in the animation of maritime ecosystems, I offer a comprehensive service for your organization aimed at accelerating the innovation dynalics through a collaborative and interdiciplinary approach. 


I specialize in animating innovation networks in the maritime domain and implementing transdisciplinary innovation approaches that foster creativity, collaboration and growth.

My services include:

  • Stakeholder Mapping: Through an in-depth analysis of the ecosystem, I identify key actors and their interactions - an essential step to understanding the current landscape and targeting potential collaboration opportunities.

  • Transdisciplinary Consortiums: I encourage and facilitate the creation of transdisciplinary consortiums, bringing together different disciplines to accelerate innovation and develop more comprehensive and efficient solutions. In this aspect, my role is to assist you in structuring and coordinating these consortiums.

  • Actor Connectivity: Serving as a bridge between the various maritime actors (scientists, economic players, NGOs, associations, institutional and political figures), I ensure fluid communication and objective alignment. This encourages knowledge transfer and stimulates collective intelligence.

  • Animation and Dynamization of Networks: I offer strategic and targeted animation of workshops, working groups, and the creation of open innovation challenges. These actions are designed around topics of common interest to foster collective intelligence and generate new ideas. Simultaneously, I commit to energizing sectors, incubators, and clusters, thus strengthening interactions, synergies, and growth opportunities within your ecosystem.

Overall, my animation of innovative ecosystem services are designed to help organizations in the maritime sector stay ahead of the curve by fostering innovation, collaboration and growth.


  • Federating a network of partners to support the development of new ideas and projects.

  • Improvement of the governance of your projects

  • Promotion of transdisciplinary collaboration

  • Stimulation of knowledge transfer and innovation.

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ocean knowledge
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Ocean knowledge Management and Valorization

As an external consultant with a specialist's insight into the ocean ecosystem, I bring a unique perspective and dedicated expertise to enhance the value and impact of your ocean-related initiatives and knowledge.

I provide a comprehensive suite of services targeting critical aspects of knowledge management, valorization of ocean projects and knowledge, and their effective dissemination.

These services rely on interaction and knowledge exchange among various actors of the oceanic ecosystem, fostering greater cooperation and improved governance.


My services include:

  • Knowledge Management and Valorization: I facilitate the capturing, organizing, assessing, and effectively transmitting knowledge, skills, and expertise within your organization and broader ecosystem. This process values all types of knowledge, from scientific research to local communities in the field, allowing for informed decision-making, be it for innovation, policy directions, or improved governance.

  • Ocean Knowledge dissemination: I disseminate and share your ocean knowledge for capitalization. This involves creating and implementing dissemination strategies to maximize the impact and visibility of your knowledge and projects, including within the scope of European projects.

  • Ocean activities and projects Promotion: I support you in promoting your ocean-related projects and activities.This could include highlighting your innovations, organizing networking events or conferences, and communicating about these initiatives through various marketing tools, while tailoring the message to different target audiences.


  • Maximize the efficiency of ocean knowledge management

  • Broaden the reach and visibility of your interdisciplinary knowledge and initiatives

  • Accelerate innovation and growth through knowledge valorization

  • Support the objectives of the Ocean Decade of the United Nations (2021–2030) through Ocean Literacy



Benefit from the expertise of a Blue Economy specialist


Anticipate disruptions in your blue economy sector

 INNOVATION management

Benefit from support for your innovative blue projects

Why choose  Blue Connection services to conduct your innovative blue projects? 

🌊  Blue Economy specialist:

As a blue economy consultant, I have a deep understanding of  key issues and trends in the maritime sector: Port and Vessel of the future, marine environment, Blue Biotechnologies, Coastal protection and valorization,  fishing and aquaculture, climate change (NBS), maritime surveillance and security, marine renewable energy, etc.

With my comprehensive understanding of the blue economy, I am well-positioned to help your organization navigate the complexities of this rapidly-growing sector.

I will bring you the essential insights you need to access these blue economy markets.

My cross-disciplinary knowledge allows me to see the 'big picture' of the maritime economy and make relevant and strategic connections between these different sectors for a sustainable and innovative approach.

My holistic view of the blue economy enables me to think "out of the box" and develop new uses and applications for this historic and innovative sector.

My experience working with international maritime clusters and networks gives me the ability to identify new opportunities and build strategic partnerships for your business.

💡  Innovation and Strategic Information Management specialist:

With a background in International Business Affairs and Strategic Information Management from Sciences Po Aix, I bring a wealth of expertise to the field of innovation and strategic information management. I have conducted research on disrutpive innovations and the response of organizations to the innovator's dilemma.

My experiences in maritime clusters have given me a deep understanding of the actors and dynamics in the maritime sector. I have successfully led projects that involve mapping actors and animating innovation networks, as well as developing skills in the maritime industry.

I am also an expert in organizing events that promote collective intelligence and collaborative projects in the field of blue economy, such as Blue Med Days.


Additionally, as a mentor in BlueTech Accelerator and Incubator, I support project leaders in the early stages of building their business models and strategies.

Overall, my expertise and experience make me an ideal choice for any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve in the field of blue economy and innovation.

The little extra touch? 

I am dedicated to understanding your unique needs and goals, and developing a strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements.

My customer-centric approach ensures that I am always working towards your satisfaction, and my commitment to providing high-quality services at every stage of your project guarantees that you will receive the best possible outcome.

With my expertise, knowledge and professional work methodologies, I am confident that I can help you reach your goals and drive success for your activities.

Portrait de Marilou SUC, fondatrice de Blue Connection
Want to know more about my experiences in this area?

Do not hesitate to read the testimonials of other structures that have benefited from my support
or contact me directly to discuss it.


Maryline CRIVELLO - Vice-President of the board of Director,

Head of the Interdisciplinarity Mission at Aix-Marseille University

During this year of collaboration, Marilou Suc's skills were highly valued by the project team and praised by both internal and external actors and partners encountered by the service provider. This includes her human qualities, ability to synthesize, oral presentation skills, writing abilities, collaborative work mode with a diversity of stakeholders, and her proactive approach.


Marilou Suc adeptly adapted her working methods, communication, and deliverables to meet evolving demands amidst strategic challenges and political decisions within a complex ecosystem. She made relevant proposals at each stage to maximize the added value of her work, co-producing with AMU a study that serves as a solid and mobilizable foundation for project development.


For all these reasons, we are pleased to have chosen Marilou Suc, who has made a significant contribution through this study to the development of a major project for Aix-Marseille University and its territory. We therefore recommend this provider, with whom we have worked with confidence and pleasure.

So, let's work together on your project? 


Discover my service offer: 


"Explore and access new markets in the blue economy"

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