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Do you want to maximize the impact of your blue technologies and activities? 

Raise your blue voice !

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➡️ I  will raise awareness and promote your blue technologies and activities to a wider audience.

➡️ I will provide you with a customized and effective marketing strategy to increase your visibility and reach. 

➡️ I will improve public perception and build trust in your brand through inbound marketing.

➡️ I will promote ocean literacy to raise awareness and support for the blue economy by educating and engaging various audiences on the importance of ocean conservation. 

I support several actors of the blue economy to promote their blue technologies and activities:

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Raise awareness and promote sustainable ocean activities with our marketing and ocean literacy services

take you along!

You are a company operating in the blue economy and you want to promote your maritime innovations. Until now, you have focused on the technical advantages of your solution, but that is not enough and you want to better value your customer promise and the benefits of your solution ? 

You want to impove your branding, gain notoriety and visibility with your target audience. But you don't know which editorial line to adopt and which tools to use ? 

You have a blue projects related to the valorization and protection of the ocean, but you have difficulties adapting your message to different audiences : investors, partners, industry, institution, politic, scientists, civil society ? 

Do you want to speak up and carry "The Ocean Voice" at an event ? 



Many companies and organizations that are working on blue technologies may find it difficult to communicate the value of their product or service to different stakeholders (potential customers / investors).

The technical features of their product may be complex and difficult to understand for a non-technical/scientific audience, making it challenging to convey the product's benefits and value proposition.


Actors of ocean conservation and valorization,  may also have difficulty reaching and engaging a wider audience. This can be due to a lack of marketing expertise or resources, lack of knowledge on how to effectively promote their message.



You don't know how to adapt your message to your target audience ?


You don't know if your marketing message is aligned with your customer expectations and your business ?

You don't know what is the best strategy for your organization to promote your blue activities and solutions ?


My service offer can help your company and organization answering these questions by providing expert marketing and communication support.

I work with my clients to develop customized marketing strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and goals:

- Buildind a brand strategy aligned with their missions and values.

- Developing messaging and content that effectively communicates the value and benefits of their  product or services.

- Oral speaking services which can help  present their message in an engaging and effective way.

I have expertise in simplifying complex technical information and presenting it in a way that is easy for a non-technical audience to understand.

I also work with my clients to create presentations and speeches that are tailored to their specific audience and goals, which will be more engaging and effective in conveying their message.

I also offer ocean literacy education services, which can help educate and engage the audience on the importance of ocean conservation and valorization. This can help build trust and support for your organization's efforts, and ultimately lead to a more informed and engaged audience.



  • Become the reference in your sector

  • Engage your audience and create an emotional bond with your community (customers, partners) 

  • Increase your business opportunities with an effective "inbound" content strategy

  • Affirm your positioning towards your target market

  • Have a profesionnal communication that reassures your audience and induces trust and and engagement

  • Be present on all relevant communication channels for your audience

  • Attract new customers, partners and investors

  • Affirm your branding internationally. 

Free up time to focus on your core business, I take care of:

- Strenghten your Blue Voice by helping you to build accessible and engaging messaging aligned with your vision / mission.

- Promote your actions and value proposition to your audience via communication and awareness-raising actions. 

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Branding and
Communication strategy



Public speaking



Ocean Literacy:
Influence & Awareness communication

I help you promote your blue technologies and activities and offer you services adapted to your organization and your objectives:  

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Branding and Communication Strategy

As an organization operating in the blue economy, you know that building a strong brand and effective communication strategy is crucial for success. 


Having a clear and cohesive brand and communication strategy helps you stand out in this growing market and effectively communicate your mission, values, and offerings to your target audience (civil society, companies, science, policy).

It also helps you build trust and credibility with your stakeholders and establish yourself as a leader in the industry.

I help you achieve these goals through : brand strategy development, messaging and positioning, and content marketing.


Improved visibility and recognition for your organization
Enhanced credibility and trust among your stakeholders
Increased engagement and loyalty from your target audience
A stronger, more cohesive brand that reflects your unique mission and values

Prise de parole

Public Speaking

You can be the best innovator or entrepreneur, but if you don't know how to deliver and promote your ideas and activities, it will be difficult to have an impact in the Blue Economy. 

And, with a lot of information and actors, it can be difficult to stand out, tailor your pitch and effectively communicate the value of your work...

As an expert in the blue economy, I can help you promote your blue activities and technologies to a wide audience through public speaking and oral presentation, and position yourself as a leader in the industry.

I will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I know how to effectively communicate complex ideas and concepts, and can help you craft a message that resonates with your target audience.

As an external expert I can also offer a fresh perspective on your organization and its activities, which can be especially useful if you're looking to expand your reach or reach new audiences.

My services include:

- Oral Presentation / Pitch : I can help you develop a compelling and persuasive pitch that showcases your innovations and activities in the blue economy.

Whether you're looking to deliver a pitch to investors, participate to an innovation contest, or simply share your work with a group of stakeholders, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.

I help you prepare engaging and informative presentations to a wider audience. 

- Conference : I present in an accessible and dynamic way various topics of the blue economy. Whether for your seminars, conferences or animation of your round tables, I can speak up and engage your audience around your subjects of interest. 

My favorite subjects are:

- Innovation driving the blue economy

- Digitalization of the maritime sector

- Disruptive Innovation 'Blue Revolution"

- The Innovator's Dilemma

- Marine Biomimicry

- Aquaculture

- Internationalization of Blue Technologies


  • Gain Visibility

  • Strenght and establish your position as a leader in your field and demonstrate your expertise to your audience.. 

Littéracie océanique

Ocean Literacy 

There are many stakeholders involved in the blue economy, including government agencies, companies, scientists, NGOs, and local communities.

Each of these stakeholders has their own priorities and perspectives, and it is important for organizations to be able to effectively communicate their goals and actions to all of these groups.

One of the solution is Ocean literacy. 

This involves educating the public about the importance of the ocean and the role it plays in our daily lives. 

In this framework, I offer various services:  

- Sharing information and disseminating the results of scientific research and technological solutions in the blue economy (Blog article, press release, conference, etc.)

- Raising awareness about the challenges facing the ocean, such as pollution, overfishing, and climate change (social media campaign, etc.)

- Policy paper: providing concise and informative summaries of key issues and recommendations for policy makers. These briefs and papers can help policy makers understand the issues facing the blue economy and make informed decisions about how to address them.


  • Build trust and credibility with stakeholders

  • Foster collaboration and partnerships

  • Promote sustainable practices

  • Make informed decisions about how to address the challenges facing the ocean and its resources.


Benefit from the expertise of a Blue Economy specialist

digital experience

Benefit from digital experience with tools and methodology of growth marketing.

Partner network

Access to a network of partners  and service providers for the realization of your marketing actions!

Why use the services of Blue Connection for your marketing, communication and event activities? 

🌊  Blue Economy specialist:

As a blue economy consultant, I have a deep understanding of  key issues and trends in the maritime sector: Port and Vessel of the future, marine environment, Blue Biotechnologies, Coastal protection and valorization,  fishing and aquaculture, climate change (NBS), maritime surveillance and security, marine renewable energy, etc.

With my comprehensive understanding of the blue economy, I am well-positioned to help your organization navigate the complexities of this rapidly-growing sector.

I will bring you the essential insights you need to access these blue economy markets.

My cross-disciplinary knowledge allows me to see the 'big picture' of the maritime economy and make relevant and strategic connections between these different sectors for a sustainable and innovative approach.

My holistic view of the blue economy enables me to think "out of the box" and develop new uses and applications for this historic and innovative sector.

My experience working with international maritime clusters and networks gives me the ability to identify new opportunities and build strategic partnerships for your business.

📣  Marketing Specialist :

I graduated from Sciences Po Aix with a specialization in International Business Affairs and Strategic Information Management. 

I also trained in Growth Marketing to apply the principles of "lean startup" to marketing strategies and operations with a digital layer. 

Continuing learning and exploring, I am on active watch on the themes #NewTech #Digital #growthHacking and #No-Code in order to take advantage of all digital technologies in the realization of my projects.

Very good communicator, I know how to support a commercial speech through content marketing on technical subjects in the field of the blue economy.

I will take charge of your innovative topics that make the unique value of your company to transform them into impactful marketing speeches. 

At ease both orally and on stage, I have defended many startups and innovative projects during "pitch contest" at international events : CES, VIVATECH, EATIP conference, Hackathon Statuon F, etc.  

Depending on your objectives, I set up promotion and direct marketing actions: production of offline / online media, management of social networks and coordination of events (webinars, conferences, fairs, etc.)

I will put my network of service providers (video, graphics, motion design, etc.) and media / press relays at the service of your projects!

I also worked closely with various partners to ensure the visibility of the activities and results of innovative projects at international events.

This is particularly the case of European projects (H2020) for which I was in charge of the dissemination, marketing and communication strategies of collaborative projects in the blue economy.

The little extra touch? 

I am dedicated to understanding your unique needs and goals, and developing a strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements.

My customer-centric approach ensures that I am always working towards your satisfaction, and my commitment to providing high-quality services at every stage of your project guarantees that you will receive the best possible outcome.

With my expertise, knowledge and professional work methodologies, I am confident that I can help you reach your goals and drive success for your activities.

Portrait de Marilou SUC, fondatrice de Blue Connection
Want to know more about my experiences in this area?

Do not hesitate to read the testimonials of other structures that have benefited from my support
or contact me directly to discuss it.


Adriana PERETTI - International Business Unit Manager @RISING SUD

Marilou a représenté le Pôle Mer Méditerranée, l'Agence de développement économique de la Région PACA et deux entreprises à San Diego.Son dynamisme et son professionnalisme ont été particulièrement remarqués et appréciés par les partenaires français et américains.Je recommande avec plaisir Marilou, pour ses compétences en gestion de projets internationaux et relations interculturelles.

So, let's work together on your project? 


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